Saturday, October 15, 2011

New MPIs Version Announced – Open MPI and MVAPICH (OSU)

This week, with one day difference, new MPI versions of Open MPI and MVAPICH were announced. On Thursday, the Open MPI team announced the release of Open MPI version 1.4.4. This release is mainly a bug fix release over the previous v1.4.3 release. The team strongly recommends that all users upgrade to version 1.4.4 if possible.

A Day after, On Friday, Prof. Dhabaleswar Panda from Ohio State University announced on behalf of the MVAPICH team the release of MVAPICH2-1.7 and OSU Micro-Benchmarks (OMB) 3.4. You can check both Open MPI and OSU websites for details on the new releases.

As part of the release, Prof. Dhabaleswar Panda has provided some performance results, and according to him, MVAPICH2 1.7 is being made available with OFED 1.5.4 and it continues to deliver excellent performance. OpenFabrics/Gen2 on Westmere quad-core (2.53 GHz) with PCIe-Gen2 and Mellanox ConnectX2-QDR (Two-sided Operations) provides 1.64 microsec one-way latency (4 bytes), 3394 MB/sec unidirectional bandwidth and 6537 MB/sec bidirectional bandwidth. QLogic InfiniPath Support on Westmere quad-core (2.53 GHz) with PCIe-Gen2 and QLogic-QDR (Two-sided Operations) provides 1.70 microsec one-way latency (4 bytes), 3265 MB/sec unidirectional bandwidth and 4228 MB/sec bidirectional bandwidth. Prof. Dhabaleswar Panda results clearly indicate that if you go with InfiniBand, Mellanox ConnectX-2 provides lower latency and much higher throughput. Clearly the performance winner.

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