Sunday, February 19, 2012

My Pick for the Best High-Performance Computing Conferences March-May 2012

There are many HPC related conferences and workshops one can choose to attend. Therefore, a conference that covers multiple topics and combines real hands-on with technical sessions is the one I prefer to take part and attend. I have tried to find the best HPC conferences in the next 3 months:

March: The HPC Advisory Council Switzerland Conference, March 13-15 ( The location is in the beautiful city of Lugano, but more important is the agenda of course… the conference will cover all the major developments, and will include hands-on sessions. Definitely worth the travel!

April: Two options to pick - 2012 High Performance Computing Linux for Wall Street in New York or the IDC HPC User Forum in Richmond, VA. It is more sessions and opinions rather than technical focused. Both are decent options if you have time…

May: Two options again – the NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference in San Jose, CA or the IEEE International Parallel & Distributed Processing Symposium (IPDPS) in Shanghai, China. IPDPS is of course more technical and covers more subjects – so the better option.

June: The International Supercomputing Conference in Germany, no doubt…


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  2. If you are interested in the GPU Technology Conference, there is an academic and government lab discount of 40% using discount code GA40CF (3 days including food covered!)