Wednesday, March 9, 2016

UCX – a Unified Communication X Framework for High Performance Communications

UCX is a new, an open-source, production grade, set of network APIs and their implementations for high performance communications for high-performance computing and data-centric applications.  UCX solves the problem of moving data memory across multiple type of memories (DRAM, accelerator memories, etc.) and multiple transports (e.g. InfiniBand, uGNI, Shared Memory, CUDA, etc. ), while minimizing latency, and maximizing bandwidth and message rate. The new communications framework supports all communication libraries (MPI, PGAS etc.) and enable a closer connection to the underlying hardware. A new community of supporters has been established behind the UCX efforts, which includes key participants from the HPC industry, laboratories and academia.  

UCX ensures there is very little software overhead in the communication path, allowing for near native-level hardware performance. To ensure the production quality of UCX, it was be co-designed, maintained, tested and used in production environments by leading proponents of the research community. In addition, UCX community is working on the UCX specification which will enable further extension of the UCX effort.

 As an open-source project licensed under the BSD-3 license, UCX is open for contributions from anyone in the industry. More information can be found at

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