Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Best HPC News Websites

Or where do I go to read the latest and greatest HPC news, HPC developments, HPC usage models, HPC applications and other HPC opinions and views…

1.       My favorite is InsideHPC. A great web site that covers it all – from vendor news and opinions to new deployments and user installations and usage models. You can find there very interesting articles and various videos on many subjects. Rich Brueckner is doing a great job there, and provides even nearly real time coverage from multiple interesting conferences and workshops.
2.       HPC Wire – one of the major HPC news web sites. It is not my first pick as it had become too much “commercial”. The web site is too “busy”, and it seems that the editor is busy as well with creating vendors “conflicts”, probably to draw more comments from readers, instead of providing a more comprehensive coverage on the matters that are really important. I prefer to hear from users and vendors rather than to read what the editor has to say…
3.       Cluster Monkey - another favorite of mine. Most of it is around technical articles and it is a great place for information. Kudus to Douglas Eadline for the great web site. No commercials, but rather good technical data.
4.       Supercomputing Online – basic news coverage
5.       Linux Magazine – a basic coverage, some articles are vendors sponsored. You will find there articles from Douglas Eadline for example.
6.       There are several more, and of course there are web sites that are more related to specific countries.

If you know of other good places, let me know.


  1. Hey Ben,

    I like your blog. Nice post on HPC news sources - I also follow all the ones you mentioned. In addition, I think HPC in the Cloud ( and Digital Manufacturing Report (for HPC related to the manufacturing industry: are great sources too.

    For news sources put out by vendors, I think Marc Hamilton of HP does a good job on his blog ( and - plug, plug - I write about HPC often on the ICC company blog ( as well.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Hi Alex,

    thanks for the good words and for the reference to more sites.