Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Why I Wish I Was Back in College

You ever think back to your college days and wish you could do it all over again? I sometimes daydream about this, and no, not just about the weekend parties J. Sure I can go back and take some classes to sharpen my skills but there is one thing I wish was around when I was in the university: Student Cluster Challenge! Over the past couple of years I have watched this annual event during Supercomputing where they take a few university teams around the world and hold a competition where the teams must build a cluster, run some apps, show some performance benchmarks, and do so under a strict power budget. The kids participating are very smart and work night and day (they sleep in their designated area) to complete all their tasks before the deadline. Wow! I’m sure there is beer somewhere on the facility, too, no???
So guess what? I just saw on the ISC’12 website that they are going to do something similar: That’s fantastic…and this is why I wish I was back in college…

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