Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Nothing Like a Good HPC Show

I’ve recently been asked what HPC shows I typically attend and what my thoughts are on the few popular ones around the world. Well, I must say, nothing beats a good technical HPC show to really get yourself deep in the clustering goo of what’s being used today, latest techniques, and future plans on what’s coming next. Of course there are the exhibits, too, but that isn’t as always exciting to me. I mean, most exhibitors don’t have live demos in their booth these days and are mainly busy just collecting leads with gorgeous models or marketing folk that are at their first show and still don’t know what their company does or why. I want to see your latest products working with a solution that matters to me, and I want to talk to a technical person that can answer some of my more advanced questions. Of course, I will be happy to take your pen, too. But enough of that…
So, with that, here is the list of conference I like attending because of great technical content and speakers:
  • Supercomputing (SC) – This is a no brainer. You can’t miss this event if you are even remotely in the HPC arena…yes this includes advanced data center technologies, too, because all things that start with supercomputing eventually trickles down into other data center markets.
  • International Supercomputing (ISC) – great show that happens mid-year so you stay abreast of emerging topics and trends. It is on my list for must be the last 6 years.
  • SciDAC – an important event for the US major HPC sites
  • HPC China – Without a doubt China is in high-gear on their supercomputing efforts and it’s important to continue to watch developments in the region. Problem is that most session are not in English…
  • HPC Advisory Council – Now, I haven’t attended these workshops personally (they are mostly outside of the USA) but the presentations that are posted seem very interesting. I’ve heard good things and I hope to attend one of these days.
So what do people think? Any other events you think are worthwhile? If so…why?

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